About the Company

Nautilus Register Ship Classification Society is a globally recognized and accredited organization dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability in the maritime industry. With our wealth of expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide comprehensive services to shipowners, operators, and regulatory bodies worldwide.

At Nautilus Register, we understand the critical importance of ship classification in maintaining the safety and integrity of vessels. Our experienced team of professionals, including naval architects, engineers, and surveyors, work diligently to assess and verify the compliance of ships with international regulations, industry standards, and our own stringent rules. Through our rigorous inspections, surveys, and audits, we contribute to the prevention of accidents, reduction of risks, and promotion of a safe operating environment for ships, crew, passengers, and the marine ecosystem.

As a trusted ship classification society, we offer a wide range of services to support the maritime industry. Our classification and certification services involve thorough assessments of vessels, followed by the issuance of class certificates that confirm compliance with the required safety and environmental standards. We also provide plan approval services, where our experts meticulously review and approve ship design plans, ensuring adherence to relevant regulations and industry best practices.