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The Course is designed to meet the Industry requirement as follows:

Course ID Course Name
NR05075 OSSFC (Offshore Safety & Security Familiarization course)
NR05076 SUSRT (Scuba Underwater Search & Rescue Training)
NR05077 HUSRT (Helicopter Underwater Search & Rescue Training)
NR05078 OGSO (Oil & Gas safety operations Certificate course)
NR05079 PESCRB (Proficiency in Enclosed Survival Craft & Rescue Boats)
NR05089 Offshore Basic First Aid (OBFA)
NR05090 Offshore Advance Medical Care (OAMC)
NR05091 Offshore Installation & Control Manager Course(OI&CMC)
NR05092 Offshore Fire Prevention & Fighting Course (OFPFC)
NR05093 Offshore Total Fire Prevention & Fighting Course (OFPFC)
NR05094 Hydrogen Sulphide & Dangerous Goods Safety course (HS&DG)
NR05095 Crowd & Crisis Management course (CCMC)
NR05096 Ship Security Awareness Course(SSAC)
NR05097 Navigational Skills & Boat Handling Course(NS&BH)
NR05098 Crane Operations & Engineering (CO&EC)
NR05099 Forklift Truck Safety course
NR05066 Electrical Safety & Management in Hazardous Zone(ES&MH)
NR05067 Mechanical Engineering & Management (MEM)
NR05067 Offshore Chemical Safety & Management Course(CSMC)
NR05068 Basic Ship Safety & Security Course (BSS & SC)
NR0700 Ship Dynamic Positioning course (Induction)
NR07001 Ship Dynamic Positioning course (Advance)
NR07002 Ship Dynamic Positioning Shuttle Tanker course (Induction)
NR07003 Ship Dynamic Positioning Shuttle Tanker course (Advance)
Course ID Course Name
NR05044CC Certificate of Competency (Rig Engineer Officer) -Oil Rig Engineering & Management (COC-Rig Engineer)
NR05045CC Certificate of Competency (Rig Supervising officer ) -Oil Rig Supervisor & Management
NR05046CC Certificate of competency – Rig Operator (Engineering Operations)
NR05047CC Higher National Diploma in Ship Building & Management (HND-SB&M)
NR05048CC Certificate Course in Ship Building & Management (CCSB&M)