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Nautilus Register Marine Consortium (NRMC)

Our mission is to improve performance in the marine & offshore industry. We achieve this by leveraging the expertise of our members through conferences, seminars and meetings, and in publishing leading standards of technical and operating guidance in key areas of safety, quality, and offshore performance. In addition, we represent our members in dialogue with other industry bodies, regulators, oil companies and renewable energy companies.

Marine & Offshore is ready to embrace digital transformation to achieve new efficiencies. A business platform that provides end-to-end continuity from ideation to ship in service is essential. One that integrates design, engineering, simulation, manufacturing and business processes in a single collaborative environment.

Marine & offshore Industry

The marine & offshore industry supports a number of industries of significant economic value and GDP contributors in many countries. The offshore oil and gas market is the largest and enables the exploration, development and production of a sizeable proportion of the world’s oil and gas reserves. Within the offshore oil and gas sector there are numerous market segments and specialist niches where our members are active.

In addition, the offshore renewable industry is an important adjacent market, together with the transoceanic communications sector. All share the common need to install assets and equipment on the seabed, often in remote and demanding environments.

From these vessels, an assortment of specialist equipment is used, such as: pipe laying systems; wellhead control umbilical and cable installation systems; and large cranes and related equipment to install heavy subsea production equipment. In addition, there is a whole array of robotic technology and diving technology to facilitate intervention in deep water.