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As onshore occupations, the offshore jobs is divided into the management staff and executives. But the departments differ – it relies upon the type of the offshore object. Among the main superiors Jobs are

  • Installation Manager (OIM);
  • Team Leader (OTL);
  • Operations Engineer (OOE);
  • Automation Systems Specialist.

There are also the raw of engineers and technicians of different qualification onboard. One of the necessary group of workers is the controllers’ team – the specialists the main parameters on the object and report to the superiors about their measuring results.
The executive staff consists of the workman like operators and other specialists who run the main operations on the object. Among of them are:

  • Drillers;
  • Crane Operators;
  • Welders;
  • Pump Operators;
  • Electricians.

The offshore plant is impossible without healthcare representatives and the galley staff. These workers ensure all crew members with the comfortable labor conditions based on the sanitary-hygienic standard.

The requirements to candidates – the major rules for offshore jobs applicants

Each desirous one should be ready for the 12-hours workday – the main requirement to competent employees is the sufficient physical condition. The offshore objects usually offer to the applicants the rotational team method – so the candidates should plan their private life based on their working schedule. And the last aspect of fast job connection is fluent English.

The offshore jobs are considered as the high level salary and the hard-won experience is worth it. The modern offshore industrious objects have the improved security grade – the oil recovery and gaseous fluid exploration are under the ecological regulations and safety protection rules.