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We have a membership type to suit everyone. The NRMC is a thriving membership organization, open to all those with a professional interest in the oil, Gas & Energy , Marine & Offshore, Ship Building & Ship Repair, control of sea-going ships and other maritime matters.

Benefits of Membership

*Formal acknowledgement of your company & professional status, including being able to display your NRMC membership on your CV, business card, email signature, website etc.
*Gain discounted entry to leading maritime conferences and events around the world.
*Gain discounted fee for Publication and on certification.
*Quarterly regional meetings, which provide global and regional updates and a forum to tackle local issues.
*Briefing notes on technical issues, regulatory developments, and other events, summarized by a monthly bulletin and quarterly magazine.
*A ‘single voice’ for lobbying on regulatory matters, with clients, governments and other organizations.
*Take advantage of big discounts on all NRMC e-books, & short course and self-study schemes
*Access to good practice guidance, based on members’ cumulative global experience, including regular updates, with opportunities for input into the drafting and development process.

Membership Categories

Institutional Membership:

A) Organization Member-NRMC (OM-NRMC)
Those who Have Registered Company, Institution, Organization in the field of oil, Gas & Energy ,Marine & Offshore, Ship Building &Ship Repair, Ship Managers.

B) Maritime Professional Member –NRMC (MPM-NRMC)
Those who Have Minimum 2 Years of Service Experience in the field of oil, Gas & Energy ,Marine & Offshore, Ship Building &Ship Repair.
*Having Certificate of Competency from an IMO white listed maritime Administration.

C) Member Student-NRMC (MS-NRMC)
* Students under Graduation/Training in the field of Maritime.